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Vintage Garden Style

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

We love using vintage finds outdoors! While the vintage garden look isn't for everyone, it is perfect for people who prefer a more relaxed, country, or cottage styled garden.


Possible Items to Add to Create a Vintage Styled Garden:

  • Galvanized tubs

  • Metal watering cans

  • Wind vanes

  • Wind chimes

  • Pots and planters

  • Wall thermometers

  • Statues or other figural objects

  • Washtubs

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Gardening tools

  • Iron or metal gates/ fencing

  • Birdbaths

  • Birdcages

  • Birdhouses

  • The possibilities are endless!

Below are a few examples from my own garden. While I prefer to use actual vintage items, some cool items are now being sold to replicate the vintage look, and those things would work, as well.


Where to Find Vintage Garden Decor:

There are wonderful and unique vintage outdoor decor items to be found in a variety of places. Don't be afraid to get "down and dirty" in order to find them! You can, of course, peruse your local antiques shops, go to auctions, estate sales, and even thrift stores. Sometimes, such items can be found at flea markets and even garage sales. Who knows? Somebody might even be willing to allow you to peruse their old barn for vintage treasures!


Envision the Possibilities!

Many people see a rusty old metal bucket, tool, or watering can, and think JUNK! I, on the other hand, see such worn out items as windows to the past. A rusty old tub could become a perfect place to show off some lovely, fragrant rosemary. A time worn old garden statue could transform an everyday flower bed into a work of art! Those wonderful old everyday objects may be calling to you, too! Don't be afraid to embrace the old and see the possibilities!


Our Etsy Shop:

While we do offer vintage garden decor items in our Etsy shop, we find that they sell very quickly and that it is difficult to keep them in stock! Keep checking back as we find more!

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