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Vintage Cookbook Love

It's hard to believe that it's already February! It literally seems like yesterday that we were all caught up in the excitement of the Christmas holidays. February brings Valentines Day, and that means LOVE! I love lots of things, but lately I've been revisiting my longtime love of vintage cookbooks!

Vintage Cookbook Love

I have been collecting cookbooks for most of my adult life. I could sit and look at them all day long. While I love them all, I have always been drawn to vintage cookbooks. Vintage cookbooks are interesting, nostalgic, and oftentimes visually appealing. They give us a glimpse into earlier generations and fascinating times in history. For example, it's not unusual to find cookbooks from the 1940's that discuss food rationing during World War II.

Vintage cookbooks oftentimes reflect the prevailing styles in fashion and home decor. I have looked at so many of them now, that I can fairly easily distinguish the decade in which they were published based on the graphics. Most people can easily recognize the iconic avocado greens, harvest golds, browns, and burnt oranges of the 1970's, which are most definitely not my own personal favorites... Of particular interest to me are those amazing cookbooks from the 1950's, with their bright, vivid retro colors. Whatever your style or tastes, there are a multitude of amazing vintage cookbooks out there that are readily available and so much fun to collect!

Other Uses for Vintage Cookbooks

I love to use vintage cookbooks for home decor purposes. It's super easy to add vintage cookbooks to your kitchen as a cute and inexpensive way to add color and style. This is especially true if you choose to decorate your kitchen with vintage finds. We oftentimes use vintage cookbooks in our kitchen displays in our antique booth, as well.

While many people collect vintage cookbooks to read and enjoy as the charming glimpses of history that they are, I had no idea until recently that many people collect vintage cookbooks for use in paper crafting projects. Now don't misunderstand me. I am in no way suggesting that you need to cut up and tear apart a cookbook that is in good condition. Let's face it, though. Many vintage cookbooks have been very well loved and in some instances, are falling apart. In that case, there are other possibilities! I love the idea of recycling and re-purposing these marvelous old books!

One very hot trend in paper crafting is something called junk journaling. Junk journals are a concept that I knew nothing about until recently, and I have to say that I really want to try my hand at it sometime soon. I think the easiest way to explain these is with pictures. You can find more info here, or just search for "junk journals" on Pinterest or online, and you will find ideas galore.

Once you get past the trauma of taking a pair of scissors to a worn out old cookbook, the paper crafting possibilities are endless. You could use the graphics and recipes in scrapbooks, collage, and decoupage projects. Use your imagination and creativity to revive and reinvent vintage cookbooks!

Vintage Cookbooks for Sale

We own tons of vintage cookbooks! We find them all the time at garage sales, estate sales, and at thrift stores. We also inherited piles and piles of them from our sweet mother. That precious woman really hated to cook, but she loved old cookbooks! We have already listed some of them to sell in our new Etsy bookshop, and the great news is that we still have literally hundreds more that we'll be listing in the near future. To shop our current selection of vintage cookbooks, click HERE!

Free Bookmarks!

We are really enjoying our Book Nook Etsy shop! I have been using some of my free time feeding my love of paper crafting and children's books. One of my projects has been creating bookmarks. We come across so many children's books that are too well loved to sell, so this is my way of giving them new life! Each Book Nook purchase comes with a free bookmark. Catch a sneak peek below!

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