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Summer Celebrations!

We have lots to celebrate this summer!

Celebrations Big and Small

Celebrations are important! Sometimes we are celebrating huge accomplishments, and at others times we celebrate small things. Both are important! We have had some of both this summer here at Two Ladybugs Vintage, and we hope that you'll join in and celebrate with us!


Celebrations Are a Form of Gratitude!

In my view, when we celebrate, we are practicing gratitude. I am a huge proponent of being grateful and thankful for all of the little gifts of life. In a previous post on our sister site, Jill's Journal, we focus on the subject of gratitude. We, at Two Ladybugs Vintage, are truly grateful for the opportunities that we have been given.

As small business owners, we have the opportunity to earn some additional income. More importantly, though, we can share our love of vintage treasures with each other and you! In addition, we are afforded the opportunity to work around our own schedules and family commitments, while doing what we love and are passionate about! Wow! We are grateful for the following events both big and small!

It's not happiness that makes us grateful. It's gratefulness that makes us happy. David Steindl-Rast

A Gift From the Heart

One of the most rewarding results of working in the world of vintage, is unexpectedly making friends who share our love of previously loved treasures. Recently we made a friend who literally blew us away with her kind and generous heart.

Sister and I were totally SHOCKED to receive a large package in the mail two days ago. Imagine Sister's surprise when she realized that this precious friend from Colorado had decided to share a portion of her substantial collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers with us!

She had mentioned that she was in the process of downsizing her collection, and she knew that Sister LOVES vintage shakers. So she just took it upon herself to lovingly and carefully wrap up sixty pairs of shakers and just gift them to us.

We are still in complete shock and awe and will be eternally grateful to our friend. In a day and age, where there is so much focus on the negative. It seems that you can't even turn on the television without being reminded of at best rude, and at worst downright disrespectful and inhumane treatment of other people, especially in politics. It is wonderful to be reminded of all of the genuinely kind and beautiful people that are all around us. What a celebration!


Surprising Summer Sales!

Because our mother had been a small business owner in the antiques and vintage industry for years, we had no delusions when we decided to begin this journey. We completely understood that in business there will be ebbs and flows in sales. We were completely prepared for such downturns. We also were aware that sales in the summer are traditionally slow and sluggish.

We are also celebrating the fact that our summer sales have thus far been great! We have been very pleasantly surprised at the number of sales that we have made, and this makes us super happy!

We have six packages going to the post office this morning!


More Small Celebrations

We are grateful for these things and more! We are currently closing in on 400 sales in our Etsy shop in just nine short months. In the first few months we now know we really had no idea what we were doing! At that point, we knew nothing about shipping costs, what to list, how to list it, how to come up with good keywords, how to take good photographs, etc.

I personally had to learn about how to set up a website, configure everything for good SEO, share on social media, create online ads, and a lot of other things that I had no clue about. I also learned how to set up and write a blog. In other words, we have come a long way in those nine months! We are so grateful that we finally figured out how to do all of those things!


Saving the Best for Last...

Sales are great, and they enable us to be able to do what we love, but I saved the biggest celebration for last... Our biggest celebration is the fact that we get to embark upon this big adventure TOGETHER! There is nothing better than getting to work with your very own SISTER!

We text each other constantly, and luckily we mostly think alike when it comes to running our business. Best of all, we complement each other very well. Sister has an amazing business sense, and she has a very good eye for what other people will love and what will sell. I, on the other hand, am the creative one (although she is more creative than she thinks...) who loves to decorate and create things. This works perfectly! Sister hunts for, buys and lists items, and prices things. I decorate our booth, share on social media, run the website, and write our blog posts. I love this quote that I found a few days ago about sisters.

There’s no better friend than a sister. Mary Engelbreit

Family and friends make the world go round, and I have the best of both worlds with my sister! I am a lucky and grateful girl indeed, so here's to summer celebrations!

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