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Our Vintage Christmas Home Tour!

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Oh... how we love Christmastime! There's just something so magical about the food, the music, the decorations, and the overall feelings of goodwill that surround the holiday season. Sister and I were fortunate enough to have experienced many happy times and memories surrounding Christmases past. I think that one of the biggest reasons why we love it so much is that is gives us an opportunity to recall cherished childhood memories. Whatever the reasons, we love Christmas!


Vintage Christmas Decor

The great news for collectors of vintage holiday decor is that it is easy to find, and can still be purchased at very reasonable prices. Some ideas for how to collect vintage Christmas decor might include the following:

Vintage Christmas decor can be collected by:

  • Time Period: Victorian, traditional, mid century/retro, etc

  • Type of Decor: glass ornaments, angels, tree toppers, reindeer, elves, Santas, etc

  • Style: Whimsical, rustic, farmhouse, woodland, etc

  • Color: Traditional red and green, pastels, jewel tones, natural, etc

These are just a few ideas. Basically, the possibilities are endless. It's important that you choose whatever appeals to you and your own family.


Vintage Inspired Decor

If you love the look of a vintage Christmas style, but lack the time, money, or desire to search for vintage items, you're in luck! Many companies are currently selling vintage inspired Christmas decor. Some of my personal favorites include Wayfair, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon, to name a few!


Take a Tour of Our Homes!

While I personally don't own very much vintage Christmas decor, I love it, and I will probably begin to collect more of it in the very near future. Sister, on the other hand, has the most amazing collection of vintage Christmas decor that I have ever seen! My niece has amassed a very impressive collection, as well. So now, without further ado, take a peak at our own personal vintage Christmas decor!


Our Etsy Shop

We have a large amount of vintage Christmas decor in our Etsy shop. Click HERE to check out our Christmas items, and continue to check back often, as we are adding more daily!

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