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Our Top 7 Favorite Pyrex Patterns!

Bit By the Pyrex Bug...

Well it's happened, folks. Despite the fact that I really do love Pyrex, I have resisted the temptation to begin my own collection...until now, that it. It is Sister's fault. Sister and my niece concocted this plan that all of us were going to serve at least one holiday dish this year at our family Christmas gathering in a Pyrex container of our choice. There was just one problem with that plan. I didn't actually own any Pyrex of my own!

Fast forward just a few short weeks... I am now the proud owner of ten pieces of Pyrex with three more on the way. Yes. I'm now destined to follow down the path of no return. I have become a Pyrex obsessed junkie. :-)

I suppose it was just a matter of time before I became a collector. After all, I have written two different blog posts about Pyrex in the past. One blog post addresses different ideas for how to begin a Pyrex collection. That blog post can be found here. My other blog post focuses more on a general history of Pyrex. It also includes a real life story about my niece's horrible experience with dropping an entire box of pink Pyrex while leaving an antique mall. That post is here!

Pyrex bowls we recently picked up at an estate sale

Why Pyrex?

Vintage Pyrex is currently extremely popular with collectors. Why do so many people love Pyrex? I'm actually not sure. For me personally, I enjoy the bright, cheerful colors. Pyrex is particularly fun to decorate with, and there is something for everyone! Pyrex literally comes in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors!

Our Favorites...

Okay. I am going to share our personal favorite patterns/colors of Pyrex. I do have a feeling that these will continue to change and evolve over time, but for now here they are!

Hartlea's Favorites

My niece Hartlea's Pyrex collection is amazing! It puts Sister and I to shame. She has been collecting Pyrex for only about six months, and she has thirty pieces!

Hartlea's favorite Pyrex is the Butterprint pattern. She also adores all pink Pyrex, but especially the pink Daisy and Gooseberry patterns. Below are some photos of her beautiful collection.

Sister's Favorites

Sister has some lovely Pyrex pieces. She also is the proud owner of some amazing, rare pieces of Pyrex! Her favorite patterns are Daisy and Crazy Daisy! Sister's collection can be seen in the photos below.

My Favorites

While I have only had a few weeks to amass my collection of ten pieces of Pyrex, I have admired Hartlea's pink Pyrex collection from afar. While I personally love the pink, I could never actually collect it due to the fact that I just recently rid myself of some hideous pink laminate kitchen cabinets. I still have nightmares about those awful 1980's era cabinets, and I never actually want to see pink in my kitchen again! :-)

Since the super popular pink Pyrex is not in my future, I have chosen to focus on bright and colorful yellows, reds, and oranges. That brings us to my two favorite patterns. My absolute very favorite is Friendship! I got my first piece of Friendship last week from Sister for my birthday. I am totally in LOVE with it! It goes perfectly with my new obsession with the Holt Howard Coq Rouge

collection of rooster decor. Sister also gave me two adorable Holt Howard rooster shakers for my birthday. I love them! My second favorite Pyrex pattern is Butterfly Gold! It is a great compliment to the Friendship pattern. You can see my collection in the photos to follow.

There you have it! These are our Pyrex collections and our favorite patterns and colors. We would love to hear from you! What are your favorites? We would love to see your collections, as well!

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