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Little Yellow House of Treasures

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Many of you know that my sister and I inherited a house full of vintage and antique treasures from our wonderful mother. That story can be found here: www.twoladybugsvintage.net/blog/coming-full-circle

Anyway, mother's house is remarkable for two reasons. For one, it is still full of amazing things. Even after the HUGE estate sale that we put on in 2016, there are still tons of unbelievably wonderful things there that we rediscover all the time. Sister and I marvel at the sheer volume of treasures just waiting to uncover. More to come of this soon...

The other reason why her house is so remarkable is the house itself. It was built in 1899 by James Ferguson (former governor of Texas) for his new bride Miriam. James and Miriam were better known as "Pa and Ma Ferguson." Miriam, or Ma, would later be elected as the very first woman governor of Texas. The house was known as their "little red honeymoon house," and is currently listed in the National Register of Historic Places. One little known fact is that my mother's first cousin was Ann Richards, who was the second governor of the state of Texas. It's a small world...

The house is in such great condition. It still contains the original old hardwood floors, and has maintained most of its original architectural features. It is in this beautiful, historic home that our mother collected so many unique and wonderful treasures and ran her antique store. We continue to discover new items all the time. In fact, we have listed a few of those items today in our Etsy shop. Check them out!


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