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Home Decor Trends: Greens and Florals

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

According to an article that I just read from the February edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, two of the newest decorating trends for 2019 are my favorites... greens and florals! I generally don't follow the latest decorating trends for my own home. I tend to decorate in a way that makes me happy and comfortable. I will admit, though, that I'm happy to see that two of my favorite things are considered to be "stylish and trendy," if only for a little while.



Sister and I have both always loved the color green, as did our mother and grandmother before us. Maybe we just like it because we grew up seeing a lot of it. I think I personally gravitate to the color green because it reminds me of springtime and flowers. I find the psychology behind colors to be fascinating. In an interesting article about the color green in reference to color psychology, it states that, "For many people it has strong associations with nature and immediately brings to mind the lush green of grass, trees, and forests. Perhaps because green is so heavily associated with nature, it is often described as a refreshing and tranquil color." For me, it really all just boils down to one thing...I just like it!



Florals have long been another favorite of mine. If you have been following my blog posts, you probably already know that I adore gardening and spending time outdoors. There are few things that thrill me like spending time outside amongst beautiful flowers. It would only make sense then, that I would enjoy using florals in my own home and in my "she shed." I tend to use lots of floral pillows and wall art in my own home. One thing that I hope to do in my upcoming life as a retired teacher is to use real, fresh flowers from my garden to decorate my home. What a lovely thought...


Greens and Florals for Sale:

Sister and I offer tons of green and floral items in our Etsy shop and in our booth in McGregor! We are also always adding more, so check back often! Below is just a small sampling of what we have to offer!

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