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Fun in Florida: Antiques and Family

Our dad's beautiful home

Fun in Florida:

Sister and I spent last week in Florida visiting our wonderful father and stepmother. We enjoyed a week filled with fun, family time, and even some antiquing trips mixed in!


Great News!

By far the best part of our trip was the opportunity to spend time with our dad and stepmother. This particular trip was especially memorable due to the fact that Pox (our dad) is making remarkable progress in his recovery from undergoing a bone marrow transplant in February. To read more about our fabulous father's life and his battle against leukemia, click here.

We were able to see firsthand his progress since our last trip to see him in April. At that time, he was still in the hospital and was experiencing some complications from the bone marrow transplant. It is literally shocking for us to see the transformation that has occurred since that time. I don't really think that he fully understands just how dramatic the changes are from then to now. One benefit for us is that since we don't see Pox everyday, we can really appreciate the dramatically positive changes!

We were able to witness his signature grit and determination, as well as his wonderful positive attitude. Sister and I are so blessed to have such an amazing father!

Sister and I with Pox at Cafe Lago, our favorite restaurant in Lakeway, Texas


Thrift Store Shopping

In addition to updating and adding new items to our Etsy shop while we were in Florida, Sister and I also had the opportunity to get in a little bit of antique shopping while we were there! We had originally decided that we would probably hit a few estate sales while we were there, but we had so much success mid-week at two different Goodwill stores that we didn't really have room for much more!

One of the great things that we discovered about Florida is that they actually sell Pyrex in their Goodwill stores! In Texas, Goodwill stores sell their Pyrex online... what a bummer. :-(

If you are a Pyrex lover like us, you can probably imagine our surprise and excitement when we spotted several Pyrex pieces just sitting there calling our names at our second Goodwill stop of the day! We were so elated and just had to take pictures right then and there! A blog post concerning our love of Pyrex can be found here. You can see many of our treasures in the photos below!


Pens and Watches

Pox even felt well enough to share his unbelievable pen and watch collections. He has long been a collector of beautiful writing instruments, as well as, gorgeous timepieces, many of which are antique. I'm fairly certain that he had not felt well enough to focus on his treasures for quite some time. Luckily for us, he has renewed his interest and even decided to share some of his immeasurable knowledge with us.

My youngest son and his girlfriend were able to join us for a few days, as well. They also had the opportunity to feast their eyes upon the collections. One day, I hope to write some blog posts related to vintage pens and watches, but I'll have to have some input from Pox for that!

My son and his girlfriend looking at some of Pox's watches


Fun by the Pool!

No summer trip to Florida would be complete without some fun in the sun! Luckily, Pox and JJ (our stepmother) had a gorgeous pool installed last year. Sister and I spent quite a bit of time sitting by the pool, while my son and his girlfriend spent time swimming. It was very enjoyable and relaxing!


Florida Bird Watching

It occurred to us while we were there, that the wildlife in Florida is amazing! Pox enjoys watching and photographing birds, and for now, he is unable to spend much time outdoors. Well, we decided to bring the outdoors to him by setting up a bird bath and bird feeder outside of his giant living room window. We are very hopeful that the birds will soon be attracted to the food and water, so that Pox and JJ can enjoy the view!

Pox and JJ's new bird bath and feeder


Until Next Time...

As you can see, we had a great trip. Any time that is spent with family is always time well spent! Sister and I are already looking forward to our next visit! We are excited to see the additional progress that Pox will be making in his quest to come back even stronger than before. See you soon, Florida!

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