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Family, Fun, and... Pyrex!

My son, daughter-in-law, and father-in-law on Christmas Eve

Happy New Year!

All the gifts have been opened. The tree has been stripped of ornaments, and all the decorations have been carefully packed away. Christmas is officially over, and I have already suffered through the sadness that always hits me like a cold winter wind at the end of the holiday season. It may sound overly dramatic, but that's how much I love the holidays.

Hope springs eternal, and being the perpetual optimist, I am now embracing a new year! Happy New Year from Two Ladybugs Vintage!

Family and Fun

We had a wonderful holiday season, full of various family gatherings and a whole lot of fun. We treasure time spent with family. Each year brings new stories and memories. One of the highlights of this year's holiday began as a super irritating situation. Our mother always told us to "make lemonade," when faced with an obstacle, so that's exactly what we did!

One of our Christmas traditions is to pair up to decorate gingerbread houses and then conduct a contest via Facebook. It is always a lot of fun. I ordered this year's gingerbread houses online. I'm not sure what happened in transit, but when we opened the boxes, the houses were literally shattered into pieces... UUGGHH!! That was when my fabulous niece reminded us that we needed to "make lemonade."

We quickly changed our mindsets, got creative, and the result is in the following photos. What fun it was, and we now have a new family memory!

Christmas Pyrex!!

If you follow our blog, you probably are aware that we love vintage Pyrex! Several months ago, we decided that we were going to begin a new tradition of serving our Christmas meal by using some of our prized Pyrex pieces. The problem was that not all of us had our own Pyrex. This year, we were able to begin a new tradition and add to our Pyrex collections all at the same time.

Sister surprised me this year with a stunning, harder to find piece of Pyrex. It is a promotional piece that is the "deluxe buffet server" also known as "Golden Poinsettias", and I simply adore it! You can read more about it HERE. My lovely daughter-in-law was gifted her first piece of Pyrex in a turquoise Butterprint pattern. We had so much fun and just had to pose for a picture with our wonderful vintage gifts!

While we're discussing Pyrex, I spent yesterday afternoon, rearranging my growing collection. I am well on my way to having a true Pyrex addiction...

A Gift From My Daughter-in-Law

In the photo above you can see the precious Christmas gift that I received from my daughter-in-law. She is a very talented artist, and she designed the sweet Pyrex inspired artwork for me to display with my collection. She even made sure that the bowls were in the Friendship pattern, which is my very favorite. I simply love it and her.

As you can probably clearly see, we thoroughly enjoyed the holidays. We are really excited, though, about the new year! Sister went to an amazing estate sale yesterday and found some wonderful treasures. She has already started listing some of our new vintage treasures HERE.

Our Book Nook is currently up and running, and we are so excited about getting to share our love of vintage books with you. We have almost 200 books already available. You can visit the Book Nook by clicking HERE!

Happy New Year!

Two Ladybugs Vintage

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