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Estate Sale Euphoria

If you're a treasure hunter like us, then you know the feeling...weak knees, sweaty palms, racing heartbeat upon entering a home full of vintage treasures. Yes! We hit the jackpot today! It was the holy grail of estate sales, and we are probably never going to recover from the experience. We are still "floating on air" from the estate sale euphoria that we experienced this morning!


The line waiting to get in!

The Anticipation

We had spotted this particular sale on EstateSales.net, which is a wonderful resource for finding up and coming estate sales in your area, a couple of weeks ago. We suspected that this sale was going to be a good one due to the photos on the site. Of course, photos alone don't always equate to a good sale. Oftentimes, we go to sales where there are a lot of great things, but they're just way too expensive! Those are the sales that are pretty hard to swallow, and we always leave them feeling disappointed.

I guess we just had a good feeling. Maybe it was divine intervention. I don't really know, but we knew that we needed to get to this sale early. It was scheduled to begin at 9 AM, and I drove up at 7:50 AM. There were actually two gentlemen already waiting on the porch more than an hour early. Sister and I were right behind them!

I would like to digress just a bit to mention the weather. If you are a Texan, then you know that in July it is HOT! It can even already be super warm at 8 AM. Well, the strangest thing has happened. When we were standing in line, it was a cool 68 degrees... in Texas in July! It is truly a miracle if you ask me. The weather for the last couple of days it has been heavenly. As a matter of fact, I am currently sitting out on my back porch at 2 PM, and there is a lovely breeze coming out of the north. It's the little things... :-)

Anyway, back to today's sale... Sister and I always have a plan when we go to estate sales. We look at the photos of what's available, and then we tag team to try to navigate the sale in the best way possible to nab as many treasures as we can. Boy, did we land some treasures today!


The two early rising gentlemen in front of us

And the Doors Open...

If you are an estate sale junkie like us, then you probably understand the anticipation of stacks of Pyrex bowls and other kitchen related treasures, old books, toys, jewelry, holiday decorations, and all sorts of amazing trinkets just waiting to be discovered. The reality of it, though, is that most estate sales fall far short of this, but every once in a while you hit a gold mine! Today was that day!

Sister had given me my assignment, which was to find the lovely lady head vase that was located in one of the bedrooms. Sister was headed to the kitchen to try to grab the Pyrex bowls.

When the doors opened promptly at 9 AM, off we went. The hunt was on! I was literally shocked at what I saw...super old and amazing toys, linens, books, kitchenware, perfume bottles, jewelry. Oh my word, it was just truly overwhelming! It was a fairly small home that was FULL! I don't know how anybody could possibly see it all. The best part was that everything was very reasonably priced.

Well, I became so enthralled by what I saw, that I never located the head vase. I did find many wonderful treasures. Sister scored the Pyrex bowls, though! Yay!

We did our very best to see everything that we could, and I'm certain that we missed some amazing things. There were people everywhere, and I was experiencing sensory overload. We began adding to a quickly growing pile of treasures out in the front yard. We made many passes through the house and found new and unique things each time we went through, but all good things must come to an end. Plus, we just couldn't purchase it all!


Our Stash

I kid you not when I say that I won't recover from the shock and excitement of that estate sale for a very long time. I imagine that I will probably dream about it. Sadly, I regret that I didn't take photos of the actual inside of the house. I was just too overcome to think of it.

Sadly, mere words could never bring to life the treasure trove that we experienced today. We saw things that we have never seen before and may never see again. It was really like stepping back in time. There were few modern conveniences in that wonderful little home. It was truly a walk down memory lane. Sigh...

The good news is that I did think to get a few photos of some of what we purchased today. Pictured below is a sampling of our amazing finds.


What a Thrill

We will be talking about this sale for weeks and months to come. As I mentioned earlier, I will probably dream about it for a while.

Sister was so excited, that she went back with my niece! They found even more wonderful items that neither of us had seen earlier this morning. That's how full the house is. Who knows? We may go back again!

We will be sharing our finds in the very near future! We will list some of it in our Etsy shop, and most of the rest of it will go into our booth at the Cedar Chest Antique Mall in McGregor, TX. Be on the lookout!

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