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Coming Full Circle

Life is a funny thing. There are surprises around every corner. There are also opportunities that we must not be afraid to pursue when they occur. We also need to be willing to follow our hearts when it is time for a change. Let me explain. Our beautiful mother went out on a limb and left her 9 to 5 job as a secretary when she was close to my age. She was tired of the daily grind of an unfulfilling job. She could have chosen the safer path, but she knew a secret that we all need to remember. Life is short.. She was a single mom of two girls and had always worked so hard to provide for us, but once we were grown, she chose to pursue her dreams. She quit her job, and blazed a new path forward. After what I'm sure was was some amount of fear and uncertainty, our mother went on to become a very successful antiques dealer. She ran an antique shop out of her gorgeous 100+ year old historic home, and also did estate sales. I know that she never regretted her choice.

Our mother with our children

When my boys were young and I was a stay-at-home mom, I dabbled with selling antiques, but then life happened, and I just didn't have the time. My life became consumed with raising two boys and being an elementary school teacher. While I truly loved my twenty years of teaching and would never regret having done it, a little voice inside my head has been telling me that it is time to begin a new chapter in my life. Sister retired from teaching a couple of years ago, and I will be joining her at the end of this school year, We are venturing back into the antiques and collectibles scene! We rented a booth in an antique mall two years ago and started our Etsy store in the fall. We hope to eventually get back into the estate sale business, as well. I am so thankful that we had such a smart, resourceful, trailblazing mother who followed her dreams and chose to do what made her happy. Life is short, so here's to new adventures as we follow in the footsteps of one great lady. #twoladybugsantiques #estatesales #estatesale #antiques #antique #collectibles #teaching #teacher #vintage #antiquesales #antiquemall

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