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An Antique Shopper's Dream: Cedar Chest Antique Mall

If you're like me, there are few things that thrill me as much as the idea of spending a HOT, Texas summer's day (or a part of a day) getting "lost in time" wandering through an 18,000 square foot AIR CONDITIONED antique mall. The Cedar Chest Antique Mall in McGregor, Texas is the place to do just that!


I decided to write this post due to the tremendous interest that one of my recent posts generated. In that post, I focused on the idea of spending the day visiting the Cedar Chest, as well as, other local points of interest. This post is focused entirely on the reasons why you should consider a visit to the Cedar Chest in the very near future!


An Antique and Vintage Lover's Dream:

When you enter the Cedar Chest, you are immediately struck by the sheer size of the place. As I mentioned earlier, it is 18,000 square feet of a little bit of literally everything you can possibly imagine! On a recent trip to revamp our booth, my sister and I quite literally "dragged" my youngest son with us. He is 23 and has no interest whatsoever in the world of antiques. Guess what? He found several booths that had items of interest to him. The treasure of the day for him was a photograph of his hero, George Strait, that was in a really cool, repurposed barn wood frame. It also helped that he was able to visit Fox's Treats and Eats, a "1950's style cafe" for a little "snack..." :-)

The point being, there is something for everyone at the Cedar Chest! It doesn't matter what your interests...farmhouse, retro, mid-century, turn-of-the-century, tools, art, jewelry, and every kind of gift item that you can imagine!


Monday - Saturday 9:30-5:30

Sunday 1:00-5:00


31707 West Highway 84

McGregor, TX 76657



A Vendor's Point of View:

A couple of years ago, Sister and I visited the Cedar Chest. The Cedar Chest had come to our attention because of an episode that we had seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper, where Joanna Gaines and her daughters were shopping there. Well, one thing led to another, and just a few months later, we were vendors and rented our own booth!

As vendors, we get the best of both worlds! We have the opportunity to share and sell our treasures in a nice mall with plenty of traffic. We also get the chance to shop a lot, and believe me, that is one of the biggest perks!

A few days ago, Sister and I were there. I was engrossed in one of the "total overhauls" of our booth that I perform several times a year. Sister oftentimes gets tired of watching me. My creative juices start flowing, and I lose track of time... Anyway, Sister decided to walk through the mall and take photos. These are random and could never portray the sheer quantity and variety of the booths and merchandise, but I thought that I would share some of them below. In closing, if you are a lover of all things vintage, come on out to McGregor, and check it out!

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