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Nostalgic for Vintage Needlework

Vintage needlework, especially crewel and needlepoint, is currently very popular. Take a look at my sister’s lovely personal collection!

Vintage Cookbook Love

We love vintage cookbooks! Read all about our love for them and cool ways to use them!

Family, Fun, and... Pyrex!

We are so excited about beginning a new year! We ended 2019 with an incredible holiday season, complete with family, fun, and PYREX!

Summer Celebrations!

We are celebrating many exciting events this summer here at Two Ladybugs Vintage!

Collecting and Decorating with Vintage Shakers

We love collecting, decorating with, and shopping for vintage salt and pepper shakers! Collecting vintage shakers can be fun, easy, inexpensive, and addicting! Read more for ideas for how to collect vintage shakers, ways to decorate with them, where to find them, and other uses for vintage salt and pepper shakers! Why Vintage S&P Shakers? If you’re new to the world of vintage shakers, you might be interested in reading my previous blog post that can be found here. Vintage

An Antique Shopper's Dream: Cedar Chest Antique Mall

If you're like me, there are few things that thrill me as much as the idea of spending a HOT, Texas summer's day (or a part of a day) getting "lost in time" wandering through an 18,000 square foot AIR CONDITIONED antique mall. The Cedar Chest Antique Mall in McGregor, Texas is the place to do just that! I decided to write this post due to the tremendous interest that one of my recent posts generated. In that post, I focused on the idea of spending the day visiting the Cedar

Antiques, Fixer Upper, and Blue Bell!

For fans of antiques and vintage treasures, Blue Bell ice cream, and Chip and Joanna Gaines... I have some news for you! You can spend a day experiencing all three in Central Texas! Central Texas offers some outstanding shopping opportunities for those who love vintage and antique finds! One fun option for a day trip spent shopping and dining is an easy drive to McGregor, Texas. Cedar Chest Antique Mall and More: The Cedar Chest Antique Mall is an 18,000 square foot indoor

She Sheds: A Girl's Best Friend

A "she shed" is a getaway/hideaway for females. I guess you could describe it as being similar to a "man cave," but for girls! It is a place where you can relax and do whatever strikes your, paint, create, write, reflect, name it! The best thing about it is that it is all yours. It reflects your personality and interests. Possibilities: If you google "she sheds" you can find endless ideas and possibilities. Some possible locations for your own pers

Vintage Garden Style

We love using vintage finds outdoors! While the vintage garden look isn't for everyone, it is perfect for people who prefer a more relaxed, country, or cottage styled garden. Possible Items to Add to Create a Vintage Styled Garden: Galvanized tubs Metal watering cans Wind vanes Wind chimes Pots and planters Wall thermometers Statues or other figural objects Washtubs Wheelbarrows Gardening tools Iron or metal gates/ fencing Birdbaths Birdcages Birdhouses The possibilities are

A Craving for Cookbooks!

I love vintage cookbooks! I especially enjoy old advertising cookbooks. If you’ve never taken the time to look at a few, then you really should. Most definitely accurately reflect the times in which they were published. They are really very interesting and can help us to understand the underlying social and cultural values of the times. Some of them are actually pretty humorous. For example, one that I recently looked at referred to a particular cake recipe as being, “pe

Chicks, Bunnies and More!

Sister and my niece Hartlea went on Friday to Warrenton, Texas to check out the amazing springtime Texas Antiques Week, and did they ever hit the jackpot! While I was sad that I didn't get to go due to the fact that I'm still teaching (My time is coming soon...) I sure am happy that they did! They found tons of wonderful, vintage items. Sister has a great eye and a good business mind. That is why we make such a great team! I am definitely much more interested in the creat

Secrets to a Life Well Lived

In recent days, Sister and I have listed quite a few new items in our Etsy shop. Many of those items are Easter and spring related. There are several little chicks. Birds and chicks never fail to make me think about my wonderful grandmother. When I think about my grandmother, I always see her in yellow... Strange as it sounds, I associate all things yellow with her. Why you ask? Well, Nanny (as we called her) LOVED yellow. It was all over her house! Her home was full

"Egg"cited for Easter!

Easter is right around the corner. For me, spring and Easter go hand in hand. Besides the obvious and most important true meaning of the Easter holiday, which is the remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I think about all of the lovely colors...pastels and bright, cheery colors. I think about the outdoors...spring flowers like daffodils, tulips, and lilies. And, of course, there are the more obvious things... bunnies, chicks, Easter baskets, and Easter eggs. It

Little Yellow House of Treasures

Many of you know that my sister and I inherited a house full of vintage and antique treasures from our wonderful mother. That story can be found here: Anyway, mother's house is remarkable for two reasons. For one, it is still full of amazing things. Even after the HUGE estate sale that we put on in 2016, there are still tons of unbelievably wonderful things there that we rediscover all the time. Sister and I marvel at the

Spring Fever

The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing. S. Brown It's that time of year again... it's waiting right around the corner. I long for it every year with much anticipation... springtime! For me, it's a time of renewal, and new beginnings. It ushers in warmer weather, longer days, green grass, flower blossoms, butterflies, and flip flops! I love all things spring, including the bright pastel colors, florals, etc. Sister and I spent the day updating our booth at th

Vintage Bling

When I was a little girl I used to LOVE looking through my grandmother’s jewelry box. I especially loved all of her old brooches. As a small child I thought they were magical...sparkly, colorful, and just simply irresistible. My cousin and I would play “dress up” when we would visit. We dreamed of being grown up “ladies”...complete with high heels, fancy old purses, dresses, hats, and those magical brooches. I would even pin them on my hats. I am certain that this spark