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Exciting News: We're Expanding!

Two Ladybugs Vintage is very pleased to announce that we're expanding! We will be opening an online Etsy book shop in January 2020!

An Antique Shopper's Dream: Cedar Chest Antique Mall

If you're like me, there are few things that thrill me as much as the idea of spending a HOT, Texas summer's day (or a part of a day) getting "lost in time" wandering through an 18,000 square foot AIR CONDITIONED antique mall. The Cedar Chest Antique Mall in McGregor, Texas is the place to do just that! I decided to write this post due to the tremendous interest that one of my recent posts generated. In that post, I focused on the idea of spending the day visiting the Cedar

Decorating With Vintage Decor: An Amateur's Guide

While many of us would love to be able to afford to have our homes designed and decorated by professional interior decorators, the truth is, that for most of us, that is just not possible. I would argue that a home that is decorated by YOU with the things that YOU love, and in a style that is YOURS is best! Be Yourself! It's YOUR home! Do what makes YOU happy! It is my personal belief that it is important to live a life that makes YOU happy! Our choices shouldn't be dicta

Antiques, Fixer Upper, and Blue Bell!

For fans of antiques and vintage treasures, Blue Bell ice cream, and Chip and Joanna Gaines... I have some news for you! You can spend a day experiencing all three in Central Texas! Central Texas offers some outstanding shopping opportunities for those who love vintage and antique finds! One fun option for a day trip spent shopping and dining is an easy drive to McGregor, Texas. Cedar Chest Antique Mall and More: The Cedar Chest Antique Mall is an 18,000 square foot indoor

Home Decor Trends: Greens and Florals

According to an article that I just read from the February edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, two of the newest decorating trends for 2019 are my favorites... greens and florals! I generally don't follow the latest decorating trends for my own home. I tend to decorate in a way that makes me happy and comfortable. I will admit, though, that I'm happy to see that two of my favorite things are considered to be "stylish and trendy," if only for a little while. Green

Secrets to a Life Well Lived

In recent days, Sister and I have listed quite a few new items in our Etsy shop. Many of those items are Easter and spring related. There are several little chicks. Birds and chicks never fail to make me think about my wonderful grandmother. When I think about my grandmother, I always see her in yellow... Strange as it sounds, I associate all things yellow with her. Why you ask? Well, Nanny (as we called her) LOVED yellow. It was all over her house! Her home was full

Little Yellow House of Treasures

Many of you know that my sister and I inherited a house full of vintage and antique treasures from our wonderful mother. That story can be found here: Anyway, mother's house is remarkable for two reasons. For one, it is still full of amazing things. Even after the HUGE estate sale that we put on in 2016, there are still tons of unbelievably wonderful things there that we rediscover all the time. Sister and I marvel at the

Vintage Bling

When I was a little girl I used to LOVE looking through my grandmother’s jewelry box. I especially loved all of her old brooches. As a small child I thought they were magical...sparkly, colorful, and just simply irresistible. My cousin and I would play “dress up” when we would visit. We dreamed of being grown up “ladies”...complete with high heels, fancy old purses, dresses, hats, and those magical brooches. I would even pin them on my hats. I am certain that this spark

Coming Full Circle

Life is a funny thing. There are surprises around every corner. There are also opportunities that we must not be afraid to pursue when they occur. We also need to be willing to follow our hearts when it is time for a change. Let me explain. Our beautiful mother went out on a limb and left her 9 to 5 job as a secretary when she was close to my age. She was tired of the daily grind of an unfulfilling job. She could have chosen the safer path, but she knew a secret that we al